I love to cook, love to eat, love You_Doodle_2017-02-12T14_57_20Zto run the numbers. And I have a unique perspective

Many of my zealous colleagues who tell others how to eat don’t like to get their hands dirty or spend time in the kitchen. Many of my gluttonous friends who love good food go glassy eyed if I talk about numbers. I can do both however at the same time.

That attribute along with my dietetics training, strong culinary background, and expertise in regulatory compliance give me a unique perspective on calculated recipe analysis.

This perspective means I can be especially helpful to food entrepreneurs, recipe developers, food writers, website recipe editors, caterers, chefs, bloggers, and home cooks.


I’m here to help so let’s be social. Check out my profile on LinkedIn or follow My Facebook page to keep current with nutrition in today’s food scene.

Have questions about nutrition labels? Send me a Message or contact me via gmail.

Here’re some projects I’m currently working on:

• Ongoing recipe analysis for large website collection. Over 1000 recipes analyzed to date.

• Four Week Cycle menu analysis, reviewed, and adjusted for compliance with New York City department of health nutrition criteria.

• Ongoing recipe re-engineering and testing for international website to convert American common measure to metric equivalents.

• Recently complete a Four Week Cycle menu. Analyzed, reviewed, and adjusted ingredients for compliance with New York City department of health nutrition criteria.