I started counting in self defense. Healthy eating for me means scratch cooking with fresh minimally processed foods and enough fat, sugar, and salt to ensure deliciousness and palatability.

When I went back to school to study nutrition, I was surprised to learn my cooking style was unhealthy. I had a good relationship with food and my weight has always been optimal but when I ran my first set of numbers I discovered that I was eating way too much fat.

After experimenting with a “healthier” diet and concluding that the approach unpalatable and unsatisfying, I returned to my former ways. But there I was a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who didn’t follow the rules. What was I going to do?

So I started counting in self defense. That way I would know how unhealthy my dietary choices actually were. Now the really interesting trend that has occurred over the last 20 years is with each release of the Dietary Guideline for Americans, my counts get just a little healthier.

One of these days I may even be able to label my green salad vinaigrette dressing healthy thanks to a recent decision at the FDA. The agency has finally decided to consider revising their draconian labeling criteria for putting healthy on food labels.

So why do I count? Because counting helps me keep my balance as experts & commentators battle it out. And the healthy versus healthy debate rages on.